10 American Inventors That Changed the World

Photo by Brian A Jackson from Shutterstock

We were taught to say, “God bless America!” but God already did it. With so many things invented by us, there’s no wonder why other nations want to follow the American Dream. Our inventions changed the world we live in today in numerous ways.

From hearing aids to mobile phones and traffic lights, we are here to present you the astonishing and life-changing items invented by Americans in the last decades. Are you ready for a 100% American ingenuity parade? Then click on the “NEXT” button! Enjoy!

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1 thought on “10 American Inventors That Changed the World”

  1. The semiconductor or “chip” is the basis of several of these …. that is the invention that cause so much change. It in my opinion was the greatest invention of the last half of the 20th century.

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