8 Famous Figures Who Refused to Get Married

Apparently, for some people “happily ever after” doesn’t mean getting married and having children. Marriage isn’t for everyone and these famous figures throughout history thought the same.

Read on to discover the famous figures who refused to get married!

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1. Susan B. Anthony

The American social reformer and women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony played an important role in the women’s suffrage movement. She never wanted to get married or have children—she actually had completely different aspirations than her female friends.

For example, unlike her best friend and organizing partner Elizabeth Cady Stanton—who had seven children—Susan B. Anthony was able to pick up and travel in order to speak or campaign for women’s suffrage without having to deal with caring for a family of her own.

As a matter of fact, Anthony is quoted as saying, “I’m sure that no man could ever [have] made me happier than I have been.” Though she devoted her entire life to winning voting rights for women, she died 14 years before the passage of the 19th Amendment, which finally granted women’s suffrage.

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10 thoughts on “8 Famous Figures Who Refused to Get Married”

  1. How about highlighting prominent,, successful couples, who have a great marriage and can give advice on how to do both?

    1. Because all people are different and all relationships are different. There are too many variables to boil “successful marriage” down to a formulaic representation. What works in one marriage won’t work in all marriage.

      That being said, a good start on having a successful marriage is to know the person for at least a year and accept them as they are. NEVER EVER try to change someone into who you want them to be, or try to “fix” them– they’re not broken.

  2. It’s a shame that dear old oprah doesn’t have a school here. Why not help where it’s needed . In fact, why don’t you move there. Nobody will care!! Go on now!

  3. Gentle Dental Center

    Not sure if this is so important an issue. Different people have different needs and this fact doesn’t remove value from either path. If no one marries or has children, the world would stop. If no one remained single, certain demanding production would not have come to fruition….diversity!

  4. Glendon j walker

    I myself, have no intention to get married, I got hurt too many times for been a mr goody I redicated my life to the LORD JESUS CHRIST from September 8th, 1990, 31 years. Ago at so reset bible baptist church in some rest NEW JERSEY, and have served the LORD JESUS CHRIST ever since. From my mother passed away to be with her LORD and savior JESUS CHRIST, I make an oath, not to get hurt by any more females, or any body ever again.

  5. Is it true that Ophrah is the most wealthy women in the world? Why shouldn’t she support the U.S.A. children growing up in poverty- in dangerous locations- with no real family guidance ? She might make a huge difference in many lives here , as well as in Africa !

  6. My daughter told me when she was 16 not to expect any grandchildren from her. She was not going to give up a new pair of shoes to have a snot nosed kid hanging on her skirt. My reply was if you don’t went them don’t have them because I wouldn’t rise them. That was the end of the conversation. She had a Bachelor ‘s Degree when she was 19 and was a Veterinarian at 24. I am just as pleased not to be a grandmother.

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