Look for These 12 Thrift Store Finds That You Can Sell for a Hefty Profit

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11. Lego

Kids and adults alike are still in love with Legos, but some people take their love to the next level. Why? Because there are some sets out there that aren’t considered toys but rather valuable collector’s items.

Trust us, plenty of parents dump old kid’s toys at Goodwill without thinking twice. Star Wars sets are always in demand, as are sets made for retro movies that are getting reruns or remakes.

Look for online forums that document which Lego toys are most valuable and keep an eye out for them!

12. Fine China in Discontinued Patterns

Back in the old days, it was customary to gift china sets to newlyweds. Nowadays, not so much, and the people that own them would rather donate them than keep them in the attic or basement for years on end.

Certain sets have been discontinued- these are the true thrift store treasures. They can sell pretty easily and for big bucks. Replacements Ltd has tons of great guides on which styles are worth it and which aren’t, so it’s important to read up before you decide to buy anything. It’s also a fantastic place to sell your newly acquired fine china!

So, are you ready to head to your local thrift store?

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