The Favorite Food Obsessions of 22 U.S. Presidents

Photo by Brent Hofacker from Shutterstock

16. Ronald Reagan

The food that was often associated with Reagan was a sweet one: jelly beans. He started loving jelly beans when he was actually running for governor of California back in 1966. He picked jelly beans because he was trying to give up pipe smoking. Additionally, the Reagan Library notes that Ronald Reagan’s favorite flavor was actually licorice.

17. George H.W. Bush

Bush’s favorite food choices were popcorn and pork rinds. But a piece of information regarding Bush’s relationship with food is his repugnance for broccoli. He actually mentioned that he doesn’t like broccoli at all, and he is not going to eat it, no matter how healthy it is.

18. Bill Clinton

If there’s one word to describe Clinton’s food tastes, that’s hamburgers. However, this was before his 2010 emergency surgery. After having some serious health issues, Clinton decided that it’s time to change his overall eating habits. He actually became vegan. Now, his favorite food seems to be chili enchiladas with meat substitutes.

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