21 Most Intense Food Mysteries in the World

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Baklava: Turkey vs. Greece

This layered pastry, drenched in syrup is as difficult to make as if finding out its origins. You could even say, the situation is as sticky as your fingers will be after having a few pieces!

The trouble begins with the fact that several countries claim it was their national pastry. Among those countries we have Turkey and Greece, who are both adamant that they are to be thanked for the world-famous baklava.

Going back in time, we know that the earliest version of the baklava was created in 800 BC in the Assyrian Empire. Back then, the people used to bake bread dough with nuts and honey. The Ancient Greeks took that same idea but developed the thin pastry for a more delicate version of the same sweet desert.

When the Ottoman Empire encompassed Greece, Turkey and other neighboring nations, it’s no wonder that the popularity of the Baklava spread. It was then perfected in 17-th century Istanbul. So, is there a clear winner here?

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