12 Common Things You Should Stop Buying in 2021 (and What to Purchase Instead)

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It seems that companies are getting better and better at separating us from our hard-earned money. Every couple of weeks or months, they come up with the newest, coolest product that we need to try out. It may feel exciting to try out some of them and pay up, but are they really worth the price?

Today we’re going to talk about 12 things that you should avoid buying and their much more affordable counterparts.

Of course, we could talk at lengths about needless purchases, but the trick to really avoiding them is to not give in to clever marketing. When you’re out shopping, don’t let bold and beautiful packaging to distract you, make sure to look above and below your direct line of vision for items placed on different shelves- you’ll notice how these are similar but cheaper and, most importantly of all, don’t give in to fads!

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2 thoughts on “12 Common Things You Should Stop Buying in 2021 (and What to Purchase Instead)”

  1. my wife insists on buying paper plates AND plastic water bottles
    I cannot get her to see the folly of this.

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