6 Funniest Things Found in Unclaimed Baggage

Image By Maurizio Milanesio From Shutterstock

We have all seen them. The lonely, sad bags that keep on turning at arrivals, after everyone else has collected their luggage. And it always makes us think, what happened to the owner of that bag? It sometimes happens that there was a mix up and the bag ended up somewhere it shouldn’t have, or the airport messed up, or even that the owner forgot they ever had luggage. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure: that bag is unclaimed. Yet, what happens to the contents inside?

Obviously, there aren’t thousands of halls full of unclaimed baggage that just rot away. They are stored away for a while, but if no one comes to claim them or they cannot find the owner, then it becomes the airport’s and airline’s problem: they reimburse the person for losing their baggage if they filed a claim, and then the bag and all it’s content’s are theirs. There are some that auction them off (there’s even a reality show about it called Baggage Battles) or, in our case, it can end up at Unclaimed Baggage! The United State’s only retailer of lost luggage. They open up the bags, sort through everything, clean it if needed and then resell the items (at a discount!)!

Here are some of the funniest, most ridiculous, and weirdest things found at  Unclaimed Baggage!

Did you ever think someone would travel with something like this and just abandon their bag?

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