7 Valentine’s Day Facts That Will Most Likely Surprise You

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February 14 is a special day for all lovers worldwide. Flowers, chocolates, mindful gifts, romantic dinners, or weekend getaways, all for the sake of love. People of all ages celebrate this holiday, but not all of them know the history of it. Are you one of them? How many facts do you know about Valentine’s Day?

For instance… Did you know that it dates back to ancient Rome? There are countless facts regarding Valentine’s Day, and since the day is rapidly approaching, we’ve thought you’d enjoy reading some little-known facts about the day that all lovers wait an entire year.

Between us, you don’t have to wait a year to declare your love. Time flies, so whenever you feel the urge to show your love to each other, just do it! With that in mind, surprise your lover this year with some interesting facts about Valentine’s Day!

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