NEVER Leave These 6 Things in Your Car! (Here’s Why)

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Your car is not your basement nor your attic and is most definitely not a kitchen or a bathroom cabinet. Yet, many people keep several things in their cars even if they don’t belong there.

Cars become storage places quite often. From snacks and gym equipment to documents and medications, there’s a variety of things most Americans keep in their vehicles, but, sadly, this could lead to serious consequences.

Sure, you can keep many items in your car, but not the ones you’re about to read here. For instance, you shouldn’t leave food in your vehicle, and under no circumstances should you eat it. Over 3 million Americans suffer from food poisoning each year—and guess what—one of the leading causes is poor storage conditions.

What do you think happens when leaving food in extreme temperatures? It spoils! If consumed, you could end up in the ER, and no one wants that. And while food might be obvious not to keep in your vehicle, how about the following things?

Are you aware of the things that shouldn’t be kept in the car? Let’s find out!

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