10 Extravagant or Downright Bizarre Purchases by Celebrities

Image By Sasa Kadrijevic From Shutterstock

As you are probably aware, celebrities can make a fair amount of dough. Bruce Willis was once reportedly paid $120 million for just one gig, his role in The Sixth Sense, bagging $14 million up front, plus 17% of the gross profit, which was $670 million worldwide. Beyoncé nets herself a million dollars plus for a single concert and even the kids from the hit TV show Stranger Things earn something in the region of $250,000 to $300,000 per episode.

With all that green floating around, what’s a celeb to do once a couple of mansions are bought and paid for and they splashed out on a vintage car or Super-car for every day of the week and a couple of yachts for good measure? Time to find out which celebrities had the urge to splurge on some of the most bizarre items.


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