8 Things We Will NEVER Take for Granted Again

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Last year, on January 21, the Centers for Disease Control confirmed the first case of COVID-19 in the U.S. Here we are after more than one year, still stuck in our homes, eager to step outside and see the world as we used to: without masks, COVID-19 deaths, or social-distancing.

We know… staying home for this long is quite frustrating, and, for some people, it’s even worse. Social distancing is affecting mental health more than physical one. In mid-2020, the CDC announced that approximately 40% of American adults reported having trouble with mental health or substance abuse due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Thankfully, vaccination has already begun, some doctors saying that we could return to our normal lives by summer. Indeed, nothing is certain right now, but we would like to think that, in several months, we can enjoy the following things again.

Here’s what we will NEVER take for granted again!

1. Flying

Everyone can relate to the stress caused by boarding a flight: infinite security lines, narrow and cramped seats, noisy passengers, and, of course, the flight itself, especially when the pilot is entering an area where air turbulence has been reported.

But after an unprecedented year like 2020, we want all of that! We will never take flying for granted again. We can only hope that everything will get back to normal soon to plan our tropical vacays and complete our international destinations bucket list.

Which will be your next destination? No matter where you’ll be flying to, here’s what flight attendants want you to know.

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