8 Ways Dollar Stores Are Trying to Fool You

Photo by Kit Leong from Shutterstock

In general, dollar stores are great places for people who want to get essential things for less. Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are probably the most popular dollar stores in our country. From certain grocery items to paper goods, dollar stores have deals for everything.

However, if you also felt sometimes that you’re not saving money out of your dollar store trips, but quite the opposite, you’re not alone. Despite their name, many people think that some products are not worth the money.

While it’s pretty hard to select the good deals from the bad ones, we are here to expose several money-wasting tactics used by most dollar stores. So next time you shop at the nearest dollar store, bear them in mind—you will most likely leave happy, not concerned (or poorer).

Click through to find out when dollar stores are trying to scam you!

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