10 Events That Made The Chinese Communist Party What It Is Today

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The Rise And Rise Of Xi Jinping

The son of Chinese Communist veteran Xi Zhongxun, Xi Jinping has the distinction of being the first CCP General Secretary born after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. His appointment was met with cautious optimism when he was made as General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party in 2012, but that optimism would quickly evaporate.

Since taking power, Xi Jinping had become one of the most powerful leaders of China since the founding of the People’s Republic and moved it back towards a more authoritarian, cult of personality leadership and significantly centralized institutional power while still advocating for free trade and globalization.

And he isn’t finished there as not only is he the head of the party, state, and military but has positioned himself at the top of many super-committees making decisions on everything from the economy to the military. His removal of term limits for the leadership under his tenure has also signaled to the rest of the world that he isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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