11 Celebrities Who Actually Hate Being Celebrities

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Harrison Ford

This Chicago-born actor and producer certainly doesn’t need an introduction from us. But let’s look into the fact that there isn’t much we know about his personal life. While in most interviews, he seems to check out, the reality is that he tolerates the process.

Given his decades of injuries, and combined with his existing health issues, he’s probably tired and in pain most days, making interviews for him a patience test , if not an endurance one. On top of this, how many Han Solo questions can a man tolerate before getting bored?

Ford seldom talks about his family, not wanting to expose them to negative publicity. So, interviews with him can get pretty dull. Considering he is worth several hundred million dollars, his legacy is secured, which leaves us to assume that he’s “being a good sport,” about a private life being denied to him.

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