10 Vintage Photos of the Great American Worker

This July 23rd, 1964 photograph captures brothers Forrest (on the right and better known as Fuzzy) and Leroy Raffel from New Castle, PA, as they open the very first Arby’s (as in R.B, Raffel Brothers) restaurant in Boardman, Ohio. They would do for roast beef sandwiches what MacDonald’s did for hamburgers.

Arby’s is of course still going strong today, employing some 80,000 people and generating $3.884 billion a year (as of 2019) with around 3,472 restaurants (again, as of 2019) not only across the nation but in Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, and South Korea (although back in the 80s and 90s they had more restaurants in even more countries in South America, Asia, and Europe).

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