10 Weird Addictions That Could Make You Lose Everything

1. The Internet/Gaming

Internet addiction.
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While internet and gaming addictions are real, we don’t recommend that parents or grandparents start snatching devices from their children. One can navigate the world wide web and play games (online or otherwise) without qualifying as an addict.

When these urges come at the expense of a person’s family members and friends then it’s very likely they’re addicted and treatment should be sought immediately. While some may trivialize these obsessions we should remember that people have even lost their lives due to these addictions. In other, not quite as extreme cases, sufferers could push away their social circles entirely.

The reason why this addiction is so difficult is because it could lure in unsuspecting victims. For example, a shy and quiet person might find more freedom in online chat groups. They would begin to depend on these chat groups for social interaction, missing out on real-world opportunities.

Others who feel physically weak might seek out the strength that game characters have, confusing it for their own newfound power. For example, they could feel like they are as strong as a fighter character because it has taken them days or hours in order to perfect their skills with them.

This impulse control disorder can be treated effectively and people have been knowing to return to normal, healthy lives. However, because of the stigma that revolves around gaming and internet addictions, sufferers may not even want to seek help. If they feel that they are being pulled away from their online friends they could see the people that are trying to help as the enemy, so great care should be used when dealing with this sort of addiction!

Do you know anyone who is suffering from an addiction? How have you helped them cope with it? What are some things you’d like others to know about compulsive behaviors? Let us and our readers know in the comments down below.

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