10 Common Household Items That Are Sworn Enemies of Our Health

Photo by VGstockstudio from Shutterstock

5. Mops

If your mop cloth isn’t replaced as it should be, you could actually leave a lot of germs and bacteria on your hard-wood floors when you’re cleaning. “By frequently replacing your mop, you are ensuring that it is doing its job cleaning your space and not becoming a hazard,” explains Carpenter, who actually recommends replacing mop accessories every other month.

6. Rags

Keep your house germ-free by washing your cleaning rags after each use. Imagine how many harmful germs and bacteria your rag contains… Don’t place it under your sink without washing it first. Or just buy new rags! According to Carpenter, “the new cloths will absorb more solution and allow you to finish your tasks in a reasonable amount of time.”

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