4 Little Known Bizarre And Terrifying Cults

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Superior Universal Alignment

During the 1980s in the remote jungles of Brazil in the Amazonian town of Altamira existed a mystical organization that went by the name of Superior Universal Alignment. A group that would begin its life as a UFO cult but would soon morph into something so much more terrifying and one that would lead to the sexual assault, mutilation and eventual murder of at least 19 young boys, all between the age of 8 and 13 years old.

The group would be born in the mind of 50-year-old Valentina De Andrade, in 1981, she started preaching that God did not exist and that Jesus was in fact an emissary or alien messiah who came to our planet to teach humanity about enlightenment and love and that he would soon be sending a spacecraft to Earth to save the ‘true believers’ from the end of the world.

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