4 Little Known Bizarre And Terrifying Cults

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Ant Hill Kids (cont.)

His control would extend to every facet of his follower’s lives, and if any of them fell ill, not only would he refuse to take them to the doctors, he would perform “surgeries” himself, resulting in more than one death. It would be the death of his follower Solange Boilard that would finally spell his downfall. When she complained of a stomach ache, Thériault, assisted by Gabrielle Lavallée, would perform a brutal surgery on her.

In 1989, Gabrielle Lavallée would finally manage to escape, not before being brutally mutilated by him several times. She would lead the authorities to the commune and Thériault would be initially arrested for assault, receiving a 12 year prison sentence. However, in 1993, he would be charged with second-degree murder for the death of Solange Boilard and sentenced to life. That ‘life’ would only last 18 years as Thériault was stabbed to death by his cellmate Matthew Gerrard MacDonald, a 60-year-old convicted murderer.

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