4 Little Known Bizarre And Terrifying Cults

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The Vampire King

What happens when you combine vampirism with Christianity? You get the house of horrors created by the incredibly disturbed and depraved 57-year-old Marcus Wesson, what the authorities would discover on March 12, 2004, at his house in Fresno, would go beyond any horror novel penned by Stephen King.

Wesson was born in Kansas in 1946 to an alcoholic, abusive father and a religiously fanatical mother steeped in the Seventh-day Adventist church. After dropping out of high school he would serve in the army for two years before moving to San Jose, CA. There he would meet and move in with Rosemary Solorio and her children.

Soon his abuse would begin and over the intervening decades he would cultivate and control an incestuous family of followers by marrying Solario’s daughter Elizabeth when she was just 15, she would give birth to their first child just four months later. He would go on to ‘marry’ more of his daughters and would eventually father 18 children to seven different women, although five of them were young girls at the time of falling pregnant.

Through fear, physical and mental abuse, and bizarrely, his own handwritten Bible, he would brainwash his family into a cult that constantly lived in terror. This self created ‘tome’ would insist that not only was Jesus Christ a vampire and the end times would soon be upon them, be he himself (Wesson), was God and that the family should refer to him as “Master” or “Lord”.

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