4 Little Known Bizarre And Terrifying Cults

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Superior Universal Alignment (cont.)

This is where the story becomes somewhat cloudy as reports are unclear whether it was two boys that approached the police claiming they had escaped from their captors or one. We know for certain one boy did, and the story that Wanderlei Pinheiro told would shock and rock Brazilian society to its very core. The brutal atrocities this little boy would describe would not only astound authorities but when he identified his tormentors, it would send their astonishment into overdrive. Pinheiro would name two doctors, a wealthy businessman, a police officer, and of course, De Andrade.

The police successfully arrested the four identified captors but De Andrade herself managed to evade capture and flee the country. She would finally be taken into custody after a few years but the authorities were forced to drop any and all charges as she presented a very convincing alibi as she wasn’t even in town when the murders took place.

It appears that she was a Manson-esque character who had convinced her followers to do despicable things while keeping her own hands untouched by the blood of 19 innocent children. However, unlike Charles “Helter Skelter” Manson, De Andrade would not only escape justice but is still astonishingly, preaching to her increasing flock through the power of the Internet.


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