11 Household Items You Should Never Clean with Water

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Velvet or other fuzzy fabrics

One of the biggest mistakes that people make often is cleaning velvet, suede or microfiber with water. If you don’t want to damage the material then do not use water.

“When the fibers on these fabrics get wet and then dry, they can get stuck in their new position,” says Laura Smith, owner of All Star Cleaning Services. “This could mean you will have a swipe pattern permanently on our furniture as a result.”

Instead, you should hire a professional that can help you clean fuzzy fabrics. Not only will they help you clean these fabrics properly, but they will also use a special brush to make the material look new again.

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4 thoughts on “11 Household Items You Should Never Clean with Water”

  1. Thank you SO much for this information!! I’ve been cleaning some things ALL wrong, but now I know!! Just the other day, we had trouble with our stove
    burner not working. But guess what??? I had cleaned it with water!!! No more!

  2. I am a silk dying artist. I use water all the time to clean silk items. The key is total immersion. You are right though that spot cleaning will leave water stains. Silk fibers are just about the strongest out there short of kevlar. I wash silk clothing in the washing machine and dry on delicate cycle. Heavier silk clothing though does better with dry cleaning.

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