11 Thrift Store Shopping Tips for Finding the Hidden Gems

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Look through all departments

Sizes differ when choosing second-hand clothes and you have to know exactly what suits you best. However, don’t feel embarrassed to try on clothes from another department, because you can find very beautiful pieces that match your style even if they belong to the opposite gender. 

“Clearly, the fit is a little different so you’ll have to know what works for you, but looking through all departments is definitely worth it. I’ve found some really good finds in the men’s department,” said Maria TenHave-Chapman. 

Also, if you want to adopt an expensive look, but at an amazingly low price, you should opt for antique stores. Here you can find a lot of vintage gems. “My best finds have been heavy winter coats from the 1950s with fur collars and silk linings,” said TenHave-Chapman.


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College essentials

If you want to redecorate your college room or your house and don’t want to spend a lot of money on home decorations and accessories, you should visit a thrift store when the semester ends. You will find amazing home accessories that belonged to other students and you can redecorate your own room without spending a fortune. 

“If you live in a college town, be sure to hit them when the semesters end,” says Melissa McNeese, of New York City. “The thrift stores get a ton of stuff as the semester’s end. I got a great multi-head floor lamp a few years back for cheap,” she says.

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1 thought on “11 Thrift Store Shopping Tips for Finding the Hidden Gems”

  1. Great article! I love thrifting but have not been for a long while now. I’m married, live in a condo which is “furnished” now and don’t have room for more treasures. I also have things in storage to get rid of, but you have re-sparked my “love of the hunt”! Maybe I can use this as encouragement to purge and renew! Thanks for the inspiration! Happy Face & Kisses!

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