12 Biggest Product Disasters That Cost Companies Millions

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3. Google Glass

Google always tries to develop the fanciest products, but fancy doesn’t necessarily mean successful or desired. The strange pair of eyeglasses created and designed by Google in 2011 seemed to be something out of a sci-fi book.

And while we may be entitled to assume that strange things gain recognition pretty fast because they are not something most people would think of, it was definitely not the case of Google Glass.

The idea of making a pair of eyeglasses that could shoot videos, take photos and act as a GPS is awesome, but, along the way, you could face some issues. After a couple of years, many Glass wearers repeatedly reported that the eyeglasses have bugs and many other issues.

However, they seem pretty handy for those working in logistics, let’s say, and they need their hands free to do something else, rather than searching for information.

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