6 Celebrities Whose Parents Are Famous in Different Ways

A Black Panther That Conspired to Carry Out Bombings- Tupak Shakur’s Mother

Tupak Shakur.
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No other rap superstars in history have been as controversial as Tupac Shakur. The rumors and conspiracy theories regarding his death alone have sparked countless articles and documentaries. But even the late rapper had nothing on his parents!

Tupac’s mother changed her name from Alice Williams to Afeni after joining the Black Panther Party. Despite being pregnant with her son, she and 20 other members of the group were rounded up by New York police and slapped with a whopping 152 charges. One of those charges stood out from the rest, conspiracy to carry out bombings!

The group soon became known as the Panther 21, but in May 1971 they had all charges dismissed. One month later, baby Tupac was born. Afeni married a man named Mutulu Shakur shortly thereafter and despite the fact that Tupac was not his biological son, he still raised him.

The controversy doesn’t stop with Afeni, though, as Mutulu was also added to the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives after participating in the robbery of a Brinks armored truck. He was eventually captured and is currently incarcerated.

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