6 Pantry Items You Are Storing For Too Long

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5. Quinoa

This grain has been the new star of the show in the last few years, a healthier alternative to rice that tastes really good and is slightly easier to cook right than the aforementioned grain. But, like any other grains, they are quite dependent on their fat content and if stored for too long, their healthy oils that are so good for our health will cause them, and by proxy, us, some problems.

The longer you keep quinoa on the shelf, the longer it will interact with air, moisture, and heat, which in time can make the oils in these grains go rancid. Not only will this make your pantry smell horrible, but it will also make your dishes have a very weird taste. So give your grains a sniff from time to time, to make sure they are safe, and make sure you also check for those tiny bugs that just love to appear in them! This way you will not end up without a side to your favorite dish by accident!

6. Tea

Remember that packet of tea that you bought the last time someone in your house was sick that has been rotting away in your pantry? Yeah, it would be a good idea to check up on it. Of course, if you are a frequent tea drinker you have nothing to worry about, but if you drink tea just once in a while, you should check on your tea bags and even on loose leaf tea stash.

The oils in the tea will seep into the teabags and when you get in the mood for a cup of tea, you will end up being disappointed: the oil will go old and you will have a very bad flavored cup of tea. It is better to consume them within a year after you have opened the box. Moreover, keep an eye on your coffee grounds and beans too: those also have to be consumed between two to four weeks.

Those industrial sized coffee bean bags from Costco that last you a year suddenly seem like a too much right?

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