8 Effective Ways to Declutter Your Attic, According to Experts

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Clean before organizing it

Cleaning your attic before organizing it should be your priority, especially because there is a lot of dust, mites and probably moldy walls. You need some cleaning products to wash the floor after using the vacuum, of course, and try to disinfect other surfaces that are frequently touched as well. 

“Instead of just sweeping the space, use a vacuum cleaner to trap all of the dust,” says Marty Basher, an organization specialist with Modular Closets.


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Be very selective 

Another important thing that you have to take into consideration when organizing your attic is to try to be very selective with the things that you are going to store there. Many people tend to keep their clothes in the attic hoping that they will wear them again in the future, but they end up full of dust. In addition, you should donate your old clothes. 

“I am totally over storing items that will probably get forgotten one day,” says Vicky Silverthorn of You Need A Vicky. “Live for the now! I’m not saying don’t keep a few of your favorite items from over the years to pass on, but be very selective.”

However, you have to do the same even with old paperwork. “I would never hold on to old paperwork from previous jobs or training courses,” says Kate from A Tidy Mind. “Ask yourself why you need to keep this information and if you’re ever going to look at it again. If it is important, bear in mind that papers never survive well in attics due to damp and dust.”

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