8 Famous Americans That Passed Away While on the Throne

Electric chair.
Photo by Fer Gregory – Shutterstock.com

4. Michael Anderson Godwin: Electrocuted Himself On A Steel Toilet In A South Carolina Prison

In 1978, this South Carolina resident was convicted of robbery. In 1980, Michael Anderson Godwin was found guilty of the murder of Mary Elizabeth Royem while out on work release. The courts decided he should see the fate of the electric chair.

However, in 1983, his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment instead. In prison, a bizarre accident occurred while he was seated, naked, on a steel toilet. At the time, Godwin was trying to fix a pair of headphones when he bit into an electric cord, electrocuting himself on the spot.

The series of unfortunate events lead to his death… Imagine being able to avoid the electric chair only to pass away, electrocuted on the throne.

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