8 Smart Ways to Cut Your Utility Bills During Summer

Photo by REDPIXEL.PL from Shutterstock

3. Focus on your tech geek side

“The easiest way to save on summer utility bills is to use digital technology to your advantage,” Foguth says. This easily eliminates all of the “did I or didn’t I?” feelings when you’re not at home, wondering if you left the AC on or not. Tech would save you a lot of trouble. So why not make it your friend?

Use it to be creative, too: Maybe you can raise your programmable thermostat a few degrees overnight when you’re in REM sleep and won’t notice any difference.

You can do the same with your lights: Smart-home technological advances are making it a lot easier these days to save energy by using timers and remote controls. Wouldn’t it be great and cool to control your whole house via an app that’s on your smartphone?

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