8 Successful American Entrepreneurs You’ve Never Heard of

Image by magnus hoij From cc-by-2.0

Marissa Mayer

When she graduated from Stanford University in 1999, Mayer was offered a few jobs but decided to join a small tech company that had only been founded the year before, that ‘small tech company’ would be Google. She was just the 20th person employed by the burgeoning tech giant and the first woman to work for the company.

After working her way up the ladder at Google, she would move on in 2012 to serve as the CEO of the web services provider giant Yahoo! By the end of her tenure at Yahoo! Mayer, as well as many other achievements with the company, would triple their stock. In 2017, with former colleague Enrique Munoz Torres, she would found her own company, Lumi Labs. This startup would focus on consumer media and artificial intelligence.

Mayer is worth around $600 million.


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