8 Tips on How to Choose the Best Exterior Paint for Your Project

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Prepare your outdoor surfaces

Before applying a single brush stroke, one of the most important rules is to prepare the surfaces properly. This process allows the paint to adhere more easily to the surface and will also make the coat last longer. 

The first step is to work in the right climate, because in too high temperature the paint dries too quickly and will not last long enough, and at too low temperature, the paint doesn’t dry properly. “In temperatures colder than 50 degrees, the paint will take longer to dry,” Buerger said. “In warm temperatures, the paint may dry too fast, causing lap marks. Wind, rain, and humidity can also affect the drying time and final appearance.”

Before applying the paint, you should prepare the surface and make sure that the area is clean. “Make sure to prepare the surface before painting by cleaning, sanding, and priming the materials as needed,” Buerger says.

But another important rule is to “apply a coat of primer before painting,” she says. “This is the base coat for paint, and it smooths out the surface and helps with paint adhesion.”

You should clean the area regularly if you want to keep the paint fresh. “To keep the paint job looking fresh, hose off dirt, leaves, and rainwater that accumulates over time,” she adds. “It’s also helpful to pressure wash the home’s exterior about once every five years to keep mildew at bay.”

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