8 Vintage Photos of American Stores You Will Gladly Remember


Image Courtesy of Reddit

This picture may not have any emotional value for you, but it definitely has for someone you don’t even know. These are someone’s grandparents back in 1925. And besides the picture being part of someone’s family history, it is also an important part of our history as a country: this is what grocery shops used to look like. Not only could anyone open a grocery store in their neighborhood, but they could also end up being successful! You did not need to open a million-dollar industry back then to be successful, you could just have the store where everyone in the neighborhood got their essentials. It was both a sign that you were doing things right and that you were trusted and respected in your community.


Image By John Vachon From the Library of Congress

Looking at this picture from 1940 just warms our hearts! Not only is this man out and about, doing his groceries, but he is doing so accompanied by his two tiny dogs. This goes to show that times have not changed that much in the last several decades and that love for our furry friends has reigned strong all these years. Rather than it being surprising that an old man was photographed while taking a break and possibly doing some shopping, what is more surprising is the price for ground beef! 9¢ a pound was a really cheap price even for the 1940s!

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