9 Interesting Facts That Will Make Your Life Better

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People are still discovering rubber ducks in the sea and it has been happening since 1992 

I know that it sounds really strange but there is actually an explanation for this phenomenon, namely that twenty five years ago, a cargo ship that was traveling from Hong Kong to the United States of America accidentally lost a shipping container in the Pacific Ocean. So, in that container were nearly 30.000 rubber ducks and they continue to wash up on shores from Australia to Alaska. While some have made it all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, others have been found frozen in the ocean ice.


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The inventor of frisbee was turned into a frisbee when he died

“Steady Ed” Headrick invented the frisbee in the 1950s and it seems that he lived for frisbee, or at least this is what his wife told us. Unfortunately, the frisbee creator died in 2002 and his family said that his last wish was to have his ashes turned into a frisbee, of course.

According to his son, Headrick’s dream was to still play with his child after his death, even if it was possible to end up on someone’s roof, though. So, even though the story may seem dramatic, the sentiment behind this story is really touching and beautiful.

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