Are You Celebrating Halloween at Home? Here Are 5 Spooky Ideas!

Man celebrating Halloween online.
Photo by Tverdokhlib –

Take Your Costume Party Online

Can’t host or attend a local costume party? No worries! That doesn’t mean you have to skip making your own costume. You can join your friends or family on a whole host of platforms such as Houseparty, which has built-in games, Google Hangouts which allows parties of up to 25 people, or Zoom, which lets you set spooky backgrounds.

Go the extra step and make this a costume contest. Even if you don’t have much time to put together an elaborate outfit, you can still impress everyone with clever use of makeup and stuff that’s just laying around the house.

Look at the bright side, too! Not leaving the house means you can have as many bloody marys as you want without paying for an Uber fare back home!

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