NEVER Leave These 6 Things in Your Car! (Here’s Why)

Photo by tsyklon from Shutterstock

3. Aerosol cans

Deodorants, spraypaint cans, anything that comes in a can and it’s also sensitive to heat should not be kept in a vehicle! The chemicals contained in this type of cans are often pressurized and, when left in the heat, they may expand, causing them to explode.

Most aerosols should be stored at no more than 120°F. During summer, the temperatures inside vehicles can exceed 130°F, meaning that aerosols have greater chances of exploding in such environments.

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On top of that, Road & Travel Magazine says that aerosol cans don’t belong in places where there’s virtually no ventilation or where the temperatures can’t be controlled (such as a parked car). It’s best to keep deodorants at room temperatures.

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