The Favorite Food Obsessions of 22 U.S. Presidents

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7. Woodrow Wilson

One of the persons who was directly involved in the Paris 1919 peace accords, Woodrow Wilson, had a sweet opinion about his foods. Maybe because he spent some time in Europa, especially in Paris, he became quite fond of sweets like Charlotte russe, ladyfinger biscuits, strawberry ice cream, and sponge cakes.

8. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Considering the difficult times in which Franklin D. Roosevelt was in command, it should come as no surprise that his favorite dish was the old-fashioned soup. According to “The Presidential Cookbook: Feeding the Roosevelts and Their Guests,” written by Henrietta Nesbitt, Roosevelt ate soup at lunch and dinner.

Also, it appears that whatever was found in the presidential kitchen was thrown into Roosevelt’s soups. However, the president was actually fond of fish and green turtle soups.

9. Harry S. Truman

The man who was in office from 1945 to 1953 liked his chicken fried or roasted. And for most of those who were in his service, it wasn’t surprising at all since he grew up on a farm. In fact, he detested fussy eaters, saying that the army forms your tastes, including those regarding food.

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