Trump Claims He Was the Man Behind These 5 Historic Firsts!

By Sira Anamwong from Shutterstock

Biggest Tax Cut In History

In his State of the Union address in January 2018, Trump claimed that the tax cuts Congress would pass would be the “biggest in history.” Later, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget discovered that Trump’s tax cut is only the eighth largest since 1918.

Next, who was keeping score anyway?…..

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4 thoughts on “Trump Claims He Was the Man Behind These 5 Historic Firsts!”

  1. all i know is that gas was at a record low economy was great regardless of covid .we were closing in a border control the list goes on and on!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Instead of bringing up more crap on Trump why don’t you concentrate on the idiot in chief right now. He opens his mouth and everything is a lie. If he isn’t lying he is mixing up people, countries, years etc. Trump is out of office, let it go and fact check the current liar in chief.

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