Xmas During COVID-19: 5 Safe Ways to Make Christmas 2020 Special

Photo by twenty20photos from Envato Elements

3. Bake Christmas Cookies

Another safe way to celebrate Xmas 2020 is by baking some cookies. (Here are other old-fashioned hobbies that will keep quarantine boredom at bay!)

There’s undeniable proof that Christmas cookies can uplift our moods, and we bet that this sensation is actually a reminiscence of childhood when our mothers and grandmothers were so dedicated to making the perfect Christmas cookies. In fact, my granny’s cookies are probably one of the best things about Christmas.

I also think that a 365-day waiting period makes them even more special. However, no matter what your favorite Christmas treats are, they will definitely make you forget about the coronavirus pandemic, even if it’s just for a couple of seconds.

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